1960’s Make up

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Make up during the 1960’s was very bold and dramatic, eyes were exaggerated and a focal point of the face.  Black, whites and greys,  the popular choices of colour used for the eyes.  Day time make up wasn’t as bold as on an evening but still more dramatic  than other decades.  Looking at old photos the eye make up of this decade looks so detailed it must of taken some time to do.

Eyes – Black, white and grey eyeshadow was the usual choice, with thick black eyeliner and false eyelashes worn on both upper and lower eyelids to make the eyes look bigger for the evening look, greens and blues were popular for daytime.

Face– Pale foundation was used or translucent powder. Bronzer was also used.

Lips– Lips were kept natural or quite pale, peaches, nudes and pale pinks among the popular choices.

Eyebrows – eyebrows were neat and quite thick.  Some people would shave off their eyebrows and draw them on.


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