Life In the 1940s Part 2

Ran out of room on the first post so here’s life in the 1940s continued…

Winston Churchill

Pictures of Winston Churchill hung on the wall in the living room as well as many family photos.  They had a lot of books and a radio for entertainment.  The living room was small but warm and cosy looking.

1940s living room1940s living room
1940s living room

Last but not least the upstairs of the house.  2 bedrooms made up the upstairs and adults double bedroom and the children’s bedroom.

1940s bedroom


1940s bedroom


1940s wardrobe


That was the end of the museum, but looking at the house’s we live in today you can see how they have dramatically changed in just 60 years. 

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    1. Debbie
    2. 6 years ago

    This is great. My house was built in 1949 and I wonder what it must have looked like with the first owners. Now I can imagine it better. Great pictures.

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