Tinkerbell Syndrome

We have all heard of Tinkerbell the fiery fairy from the Peter Pan story,  today I came across this article on the Daily Mail and found it quite interesting.  For years we have heard of the Napoleon complex that describes a man of shorter than average stature having and alleged inferiority complex due to their height causing them to feel like they have to prove themselves to everyone. It seems they now believe there’s a female version of this which they have named the ‘Tinkerbell Syndrome’

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Tinkerbell is a character created by J.M Barries 1904 play and 1911 Novel of ‘Peter and Wendy’  (source wikipedia).  Since then  she has been adapted in many ways and has become an iconic part of the Disney.   Tinkerbell is fiery, feisty, determinded and hates it when she doesn’t get her own way and is very ambitious, traits they believe the more petite females to have.

The Daily Mail article suggests being petite makes you more ambitious and wanting to succeed and points out  many successful petite women.  A couple of the comments on the Daily Mail are saying that the article is suggesting only petite people have the ambition and drive to succeed,  i believe the article is pointing out how petite people feel like they have to prove themselves in society,  rather than saying only petite people have the want to succeed,  it has no mention that other heights and their will to succeed in life , of course in life you have the people who are determined and others that aren’t no matter what height.

I used to feel like i needed to prove myself and hated being patronised and made out like i was incapable of things which i was very capable of doing, I got quite annoyed when people underestimated me, i try and not let it bother me so much now as its pointless i only need to prove to myself but what are your thoughts and views do you believe in this so called ‘Tinkerbell Syndrome’  or do you think its a load of rubbish?  I’d like to hear your views, opinions and experiences.  Comments Welcome.


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    1. Xbox 360 Spiele
    2. 6 years ago

    I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.


    1. Jane
    2. 6 years ago

    Interesting Article, love the term Tinkerbell Syndrome, think i may have a bit of this lol.

    1. harley davidson
    2. 6 years ago

    A man is only as good as what he loves.


    1. The little lady
    2. 6 years ago

    I liked reading this, I often thought there must be something similar to little man syndrome for ladies. I do find that you try to prove yourself more but this is only a good thing I think!

    I work in a predominantly male environment so I find that I am always talked over (pardon the pun) as I am a woman, and the fact that I am petite and younger than their middle aged selves. I feel that they see themselves as superior and therefore I have to prove myself or shout to be heard. Maybe it is a chip on my shoulder however being a bit more like Tinkerbell certainly helps!

    1. admin
    2. 6 years ago

    @The Little Lady, I am glad you liked reading this. I do not think it’s a chip on your shoulder studies have shown that petite people are talked over and down upon, However there are a lot of advantages to being petite and a lot of sucessful people today are petite. As John Kenneth Galbraith said:
    “The bias towards tallness and against shortness is one of society’s most blatant and forgiven prejudices.”
    Kind Regards and Thank you for your comments.
    Retro Petite

    1. Francie Bryar
    2. 6 years ago

    some genuinely tremendous work on behalf of the owner of this web site , utterly outstanding subject material .

    1. Alyssa
    2. 6 years ago

    This is stereotyping among petite females. Tinkerbell is just a fictional character and let her just be that. We must not indulge idea and live our lives (especially for petite females) according to the character.How to draw Tinkerbell

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